Channel Surfers: 15 Actors Who Appeared On Both Marvel And DC TV

Thanks to the success of Iron Man, we have a plethora of Marvel and DC television shows and films to enjoy. Granted, there was a lot of success on the small screen before Iron Man, but the growth of the MCU and DCEU have only increased the number of successful properties. When you have so many movies and television series out there, you are bound to find some actors and actresses who cross over from one Universe to another.  You are probably already aware of folks like Ben Affleck who starred in the Daredevil film and is our latest Dark Knight, or Ryan Reynolds who failed to launch the Green Lantern film franchise but knocked Deadpool out of the park.

While those are great examples of stars who made the jump from one universe to another, they are film actors and we want to focus on television for this list! Fear not, a list of Marvel and DC film crossover actors will pop on the site soon enough! Now is the time to sit on the couch and go through some of the best Marvel and DC television series that have come out. We aren’t limiting this list to live-action either; no, will be paying respect to voice actors as well. Some of these folks have a lot of credits to their name so we might skip a few and list only our favorites.

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