15 Impossible Superhero Crossovers (That Actually Happened)

We all love a good crossover whether it’s throwing Wolverine into a fray alongside The Avengers or Batman taking on an enemy with his pal Superman. Then there are those crossovers where folks at different publishing houses agree to get together and give the fans something special. We kind of expect these sorts of events, like when The Avengers met up with the Justice League of America, but sometimes, they put a superhero next to a real person… or a cartoon! Whatever their reasons, Marvel and DC have come out with some weird crossovers over the years. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely loved most of these, but for some… well, you be the judge.

Some of these were highly anticipated by fans who wanted nothing more than for their favorite superheroes from competing universes to clash while others were somewhat less than suspected. We have a few on here that are definitely going to make you wonder, “What were they thinking” before you head out to your local comic book shop to try and grab a copy because these absolutely need to be read! They may be a bit difficult to rate given the odd nature of each, so we have listed them in order of “most normal to most insane.” Enjoy!

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