15 Awkward Times Superheroes Got TOO Close

We get it, superheroes are people too. They have the same needs as all of us, but sometimes, those needs aren’t managed in the healthiest of affairs. On occasion, a writer will decide it’s high time some spandex-wearing superhero needs to shake things up by getting down and dirty with the last person you would expect and the results can often be awkward or just plain creepy. Not that we are judging here at CBR, but for some of these… well, you’ll see.

We didn’t want to just dive into the standard “What were you thinking?” category while going after some of these superhero hookups. Instead, we wanted to dive into the nitty-gritty of the weirdest and worst choices these folks have made. Like we said, we get it, but really, we don’t in a lot of these situations, which is why we threw this list together. Some of these are on here because of what we know about the characters involved and some are here because we just can’t figure out what they were thinking when they wrote this stuff. With that, we give you the 15 Most Awkward Superhero Hookups we could find in all of comics and comic-related media.

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