20 Celebrity Tattoos That Look Nothing Like The Real Person

Sometimes, a person is so taken with a celebrity, they think the best thing they can do to show their love is to tattoo their idol’s likeness somewhere onto their bodies. While this can often work out and impress their friends and family, sometimes, it just doesn’t come close to looking like the celebrity in question.

We get it, it’s nice to honor your favorite stars from film, television, music and sports, but when you start with a bad photo, you end up with a bad tattoo. Granted, you should probably splurge for a tattoo artist who has some talent given this is your skin and… you know… permanent.

If you have been on the Internet for a minute or two, you probably have seen some bad tattoos here and there, but we did some digging and found some of the absolute worst we could find. These are either drawn so poorly or so offensively, the person they “represent” would probably take insult if they ever saw them… or pity the person who got them anyway.

Here they are, presented in the order of least horrible to the absolute most horrible and degrading disturbances of the skin: 20 Hideous Celebrity Tattoos That Look Nothing Like The Real Person

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