16 Controversial Characters That Would NEVER Be Allowed In Blockbusters Today

Hollywood may be in one of the most liberal States in the Union, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t skirt controversy and offend people from time to time. As such, there have been more than a few movies over the previous hundred+ years that have included depictions of characters who wouldn’t be allowed in films today. We are talking about offensive representations of regular people that consist of racist and sexist stereotypes.

For some people who grew up watching these representations, they might not even consider them to be offensive, but we can assure you, everything on this list meets the challenge of offending one or more large groups of people.

Some of these are outright racist, some are thinly-veiled attempts at masking stereotypes, and a few are just downright not okay. Granted, none of them are appropriate for all audiences despite when they may have been released. While we could have done a list of nothing but blackface, we found a good representation of other forms of unacceptable racism from the past we just wouldn’t tolerate today as well as some sexism and cultural stereotypes.

Here are 15 Controversial Characters That Would NEVER Be Allowed In Blockbusters Today.

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