15 Real-Life Monsters You Didn’t Know Inspired Movie Villains

Scriptwriters and novelists have been doing something creative for years that most people can’t: they have been creating monsters. Of course, most of them aren’t the depraved psychopaths they depict in their works, so you have to wonder how they came up with someone like Pinhead or Leatherface. Fortunately, most of their research isn’t conducted themselves as they can pull from history to get inspiration when creating a truly evil villain.

Most writers will tell you they pull from their own experiences, but when it comes to creating someone like Hannibal Lector, let’s hope that’s not the case. As it turns out, writers have long been plucking from the headlines and horrific tales of victims and witnesses to craft the perfect monsters for film.

Sadly, human history is littered with tales of real people doing some incredibly sick things. This has helped some of the world’s most creative writers come up with the creatures that scare us the most. Whether you are a fan of horror, thrillers, and suspense or not, you have likely heard of just about every one of these movie monsters.

We decided it would be interesting to explore just who inspired some of the vilest villains ever set to celluloid and came up with these 15 Real-Life Monsters You Didn’t Know Inspired Movie Villains.

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