Coming Soon: 15 Superhero Movie Sequels To Get Hyped For

We can probably all thank Marvel for bringing us to this golden age of comic book cinema with its release of Iron Man in 2008. Of course, the studio isn’t the only one out there making great movies; in fact, we are seeing more and more sequels being green-lit from successful projects… and even some relatively unsuccessful ones as well. While most people are tracking some of the bigger releases expected and/or announced on the horizon, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what was coming next in the form of sequels to existing properties. It turns out there are a lot of sequels scheduled in the relatively near future, so we decided to knock out a list of what was coming out next. Don’t fear SPOILERS going forward with this list; we are only going to delve into the details of what has been released through trailers and production notes on synopses. If you are comfortable watching trailers, you should be just fine. We may have stretched the definition of what is a sequel with a couple of these, but we think you won’t mind too much, given our level of anticipation with what’s coming. With that, please find our 15 Comic Books / Superhero Movie Sequels Coming Soon (ish).

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