16 Pawn Stars Before They Were Famous

Ever wondered what the cast of the History’s Pawn Stars were up to before they became the most famous pawnbrokers in the world? We aren’t just talking about the main crew at the shop either, but also the experts who are brought onto the set to showcase their talents in appraising whatever comes through the door.

We thought it would be fun to raid the Internet and see what we could dig up on all of the people who make this amazing show work so we found some embarrassing photos, interesting details, and fun facts about Rick and the gang.

Shows like Pawn Stars tend to place the attention on what is going on right then, in front of the cameras, but rarely delve into what the people behind the counter were like before they made it big. So if you have ever wondered what Chumlee was up to prior to buying and selling for Rick and his family, this is the list for you. Thanks to the massive amount of time we have on our hands, we decided to find out as much as we could and present it here with these 16 Pawn Stars: Before They Were Famous.

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