20 TERRIBLE Actor Selfies With Fans That’ll Make You Cringe

There aren’t many celebrities out there who wouldn’t care if they took a bad picture. Think about it for a second: a celebrity’s selling point is their image and that goes a long way to getting them jobs. Bad pictures are a part of life, especially now that just about everyone, everywhere carries a camera, but when it happens to the regular folk like us, we just delete it. Most celebrities aren’t lucky enough to escape a bad pic since it almost always ends up on the Internet to be shared all over the world. Thankfully, for those of you who are bored, you can check out some pretty bad celebrity photo fails all in one place!

For some of these shots, the story behind them is better than the glory of the horrible picture itself. Pretty much all of these pictures were shot by people with either no skills in photography or their friends… who also have no skills in photography, so we apologize for the quality of the images. Regardless of their quality, it’s what’s in the pictures and the story behind it that’s really important.

With that in mind, here are 20 TERRIBLE Actor Selfies With Fans That’ll Make You Cringe

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