Iron Mongers: 15 Iron Man Toys Every True Fan Needs

If you think about it, the best characters to create toys and statues for are robots and armored people. The detail that goes into the panels and structure of the characters allows for a very realistic representation. The character Iron Man has so many different types of armor that have debuted in the comics and films, it has led to some incredible toys people can buy. Believe us, there are a lot to choose from, but we dug through the catalogs, review sites and trade magazines to come up with the 15 we determined every serious collector must have! For this list, we considered going with only statues as those are the most detailed and well-crafted, but that would be a disservice. So much work has gone into creating some more affordable items, we couldn’t leave them off the list. Featured here, you will find statues, toys, busts and more. Sadly, we can’t just create our own Iron Man suit and fly around the city (we have tried) so we are limited to playing with and admiring these incredible toys. Be forewarned, true believer; these toys, statues and busts can easily bust your wallet so purchase sparingly! With that, please enjoy this list of 15 MUST-HAVE Iron Man Statues And Toys.

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