QUIZ: Can You Guess At What Age These Hotties Lost Their Virginity?

Everyone remembers their first time having sex (with another person), but for the women on this list and just about every other celebrity out there, the loss of one’s virginity has become public knowledge or at the very least, speculation. Frankly, it’s a private matter that only two people (or more depending on your level of first-time promiscuity) should have any information about. That being said, who wouldn’t want to hear about the first time these hotties did the nasty? We certainly are interested, which is why we dug through the gossip rags, interviews, and men’s magazines to find out when these women gave up their V-Cards. Whether they waited for their wedding night or gave it up in some drunken escapade in the back of a limo at prom, each of these ladies’ first time has been talked about. While some on this list have discussed their first time outright, others have only hinted at when their first time actually was. After comparing dates and reading interview with the lucky gentlemen in question, we have determined that the ages these ladies lost their virginity is accurate so now it’s up to you: see if you can look through these pictures and read the info to see if you can correctly guess at what age these 25 beautiful women lost their virginity… you know, for science!

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